Changing Church – UNCHANGING GOD

You are invited, from the comfort of your own home, to join in times of worship, reflection, study and fellowship brought to you by the various churches of Love Kenilworth (Churches Together in Kenilworth & District), and by our denominational organisations.

Fuller details can be found on our individual websites and Social Media feeds, but some ideas can be found on the EVENTS page, summarised below.

On Sunday 31 May, the latest CTKD United Taizé worship was held, hosted by St John’s Church on YouTube. The video of that service can be enjoyed below. We apologise for the jumpiness (technical term!) of the video and hope that it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment. This was due to the proverbial circumstances beyond our control. All recorded music contained in this video is used with the permission of the relevant rights holders.

Other commitments are likely to mean that maintenance of this website takes a low priority for a while. Sorry if you find information which is out of date. Be assured, however, that all our churches will be active in seeking to provide care, pastoral and spiritual support to the whole community in Kenilworth and the Villages.

Although Christian Aid Week is now past, the appeal for donations will remain open until the end of June. Please click below to help this great work of love and care for the refugees.


In the current situation, please assume that all other events, groups and acts of worship, that you may find mentioned on this site, are CANCELLED.

May God’s blessing and peace rest upon you, filling your hearts and homes at this difficult and uncertain time.

For resources from our various denominations, designed to help our spiritual life through these days of isolation, please explore the following links:
Diocese of Coventry (Church of England)
Church of England 
Methodist Church of Great Britain
Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales



Find out what’s been happening over recent times at Love Kenilworth



We know that many other local organisations also love the people and the places of Kenilworth and the Villages.
That’s why we also host the site
There, you’ll find information about, and links to, some of these organisations, and have the chance to include your organisation as a part of the LOVE KENILWORTH family.

Please click here to send us a prayer request.
We have a team of people around the churches who would be pleased to pray for you and the things that concern you.


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The churches of Kenilworth and the surrounding villages welcome you.
We love the people, the environment and the town of Kenilworth.
We want to demonstrate God’s love through prayer, service and through sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We offer:
Joint acts of worship on a regular basis
We support social and charitable projects at home and overseas
We promote work with young people and others who are curious about what makes Christians ‘tick’
We enjoy each other’s company and invite anyone to join in any of our activities .

We invite you to explore further and experience this love.

lovekenilworth.org.uk and lovekenilworth.co.uk websites are maintained on behalf of
Churches Together in Kenilworth and District (CTKD)

Churches Together in Kenilworth and District is the body which coordinates and shares information about activities and projects supported by all the local churches.
While recognising each denomination’s traditions and freedom of action, CTKD’s “Declaration of Unity” reflects all the churches’ commitment to work together in response to Christ’s call to share our faith as fellow pilgrims and to demonstrate it in practical ways in our community.