General Election 2019 HUSTINGS at St John’s Church, Kenilworth

To submit a question for consideration, please use the following link to the online form:


To give an outline of the structure, each candidate will have 2 to 3 minutes to make their personal statement, after which questions will be sprung on the ‘panel’ from those which have been submitted in advance – selected to give a balanced view of the concerns or topics expressed.  Questions may be hybridised if similar questions are submitted, or reworded if they are phrased to give the questioners opinion rather than to seek the opinion of the candidates!  Each candidate will have a short time to respond to each of these, and the order will be changed through the evening to ensure equality of opportunity as far as possible.  The hope is for an atmosphere of mutual respect among the candidates and the audience, regardless of differences of opinion – in total contrast to the style of televised debates or Question Time.  Interruptions (other than by the chairman should time limits be exceeded) would be against the spirit of the evening.  We ask candidates to stick as far as possible to positively giving their (or their party’s) opinion on a topic, rather than negatively parodying the views of others.